About Us

What is Tao Mae?

Tao Mae is an acronym for The Art Of Movement And Energy which describes body movement in its most efficient and natural form expressed in a creative way.

It can also be interpreted as “The Way of the Martial Art Experience” which refers to the vehicle that the Martial Arts provides for self-development, and self-understanding. With this approach the goal of TAO MAE is to utilise the training exercises of Martial Arts to establish a greater understanding of this natural flow and to adopt such attributes as discipline, perseverance, strength, stability and self-sacrifice,- as are developed by the martial artist and warrior adept without the need for aggression. The true master skilled in the martial way can eliminate conflict and aggression by transcending it.

Our Story

By recognising the importance that Martial Arts have always held by more ancient cultures in developing and cultivating the physical, moral and ethical strength of the people, we have adapted these ancient techniques and philosophy’s into a more modern approach to provide all the benefits that the Martial Arts have to offer in a more accessible way for everyone to explore and achieve within themselves.