Tao Mae Qigong

“The Tao” can be roughly thought of as the flow of the Universe, or as some essence or pattern behind the natural world that keeps the Universe balanced and ordered. It is related to the idea of Qi (or Chi), the essential energy of life. The Tao is more commonly expressed in the relationship between yin-yang (the natural dynamic balance between opposites), leading to its central principle of Wu-wei (non-action, or action without force).

Breath work and mindful movement provides a link between the mind-body connection that allows for us to directly influence our state of mind into one of health and harmony.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese technique based on meditation, controlled breathing, and guided movements. The word “Qi” comes from the traditional Chinese culture and means life energy, breath or mind. “Gong” means cultivation or mastery. Hence, the concept can be translated as “cultivation of life force” or “control of your own energy”. 

An improved immune system, relaxation, reduced stress, and better concentration are just a few of the many reasons why Qigong is such an attractive healing method. It’s a very old but effective practice with many different styles and forms.