Tao Mae Stick & Staff

Tao Mae Stick & Staff

The Tao Mae Stick and Staff Syllabus utilises many techniques from Chinese Kung Fu and the Filipino system of Kali.

The first stage of any learning requires that we overcome our feelings of awkwardness and inadequacy when learning something new and to rise to the challenge. Learning complex stick patterns and movements requires retraining the brain, our nervous system, muscles and our co-ordination.

It is through the use of the stick and staff that we are able to develop proper body mechanics and coordination of the nervous system by training the left and right side of the body. This also trains and develops strong connections between the left and right side of the brain and may assist in greater mental coherence, and our ability to overcome trauma.

Learning to use the stick and staff proficiently also develops a sense of flow and harmony in our body movements. The true value in studying the Martial Arts lies not in the learning of the technique or system itself, but in the acquisition of particular internal qualities that are developed through the learning process. The physical exercises are the concrete examples of abstract philosophical principles. The Weapons systems teach the student about the qualities of energy, ebb and flow, and both creative and destructive potential.

The legendary Japanese swordsman, Myamoto Musashi, found that the more he looked for proficiency and efficiency in his training, the more he looked for proficiency and efficiency in all things. He began to look for the deeper purpose in everything that he did.