Tao Mae Boxing – White Level

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The setting of a solid foundation upon which all, good, skills can then be further developed is paramount and the secret to success in life. This is an opportunity to achieve the first goal on your way to developing yourself as a competent martial artist.

The First level in the Tao Mae Boxing Syllabus covers all the basics you will need to build a solid foundation. By the end of this level you will be competent in the 4 key punches , 4 key defences, and 4 key footwork drills.

You will also be able to deliver these techniques in our 5 unique “Straight line” punching drills

Key learning areas:

  • Basic stance 
  • Left and Right “On Guard” stance 
  • Footwork drills                                                          
  • The jab
  • The cross
  • The hook – left & right
  • The Uppercut – left & right
  • Straight line Punching drills

“ A good Western Boxer hits from every angle. Each punch sets him in position to deliver another punch. He is always centered, always balanced.”

Bruce Lee

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