Tao Mae Form 1 Complete

The complete Form 1 pattern combines the the forward stepping ( also known as the Female triangle as the feet step forward and diagonally outward) with the backward stepping (also referred to as the Male triangle when the feet step back in a diagonal direction) so that the footwork moves in four directions symbolizing the balance of north, south, east and west, and the four seasons summer, autumn, winter, spring.

The hands held a the Middle dan tien focuses our energy at the hearts centre with mindful breath which stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response, and feelings of positive emotion influence our mind and body in a healthy way reducing the effects of stress.

The pushing hand, or Gum Sao, represents our gentle interaction with the world as we extend this heart focused intent outwards while moving our footwork North, South. East and West through a controlled ‘grounded’ posture that becomes the foundation of how we move through the world.

Key points:

  • maintain a softness in the knees
  • glide the feet across the floor as you step
  • keep you centre of gravity low so that your head remains level and doesn’t ‘bob up and down’
  • centre yourself with the inhale
  • exhale as you step and push the hand gently forward
  • keep the hand soft with the palm open
  • start your practice with preliminary Qigong breathing
  • Practice the complete Form 1 each morning for the next 3 days so that you can learn the movement and cultivate a harmonization of mind, body and breath, allowing you to embody the movements while understanding the deeper elements of the movements of the first Tao Mae Form.