Tao Mae Single stick in detail- Angles 1 & 2

Learning the Fundamentals

The practice of Martial Arts is primarily a physical endeavour and it requires the development of effective body movements and bio-mechanics.

In developing such qualities as speed, agility and power we must first lay the foundations of correct technique, co-ordination, and aligned movement patterns and thought patterns.

The acquisition of skill is a primary concern in the basic development for all martial artists. This requires an accumulation and continual building up of learnt techniques focusing on accuracy, timing, rhythm and co-ordination.

This progression can be seen as:

  • synchronization with self
  • synchronization with training equipment
  • synchronization with training partner
  • synchronization with opponent

Body dynamics, fluid motion, and the Infinity symbol

The intertwining lines of the infinity symbol represents how all phenomena are conjoined and yoked together as a closed cycle of cause and effect. The fluid motion of the basic stick-work follows this pattern of continuous flow and generates harmonious body dynamics, efficiency of movement and promotes optimal joint motion and health.

Cultivating this dynamic movement with the use of the stick or staff, allows us to directly experience feelings of effortlessness and efficiency. This is important in developing an embodied sense of calm so that we feel comfortable within ourselves physically and this will lay the foundation for us to feel comfortable within ourselves mentally.

Practice the first two strikes with a single stick (first in one hand and then in the other) in order to create a fluid body motion and to learn the correct angle of delivery.