Straight-line slipping drill

Welcome to the first of the Straight-line drills. You have been steadily progressing in your skill development, cultivating your footwork and punching foundations and now we will incorporate them into the Straight-line Slipping Drill.

The straight-line slipping drill is an extension of the jab-jab. cross combo where we add slips and a final cross.

The sequence is:

  • Jab, Slip rear shoulder – Jab Cross, Slip lead shoulder – Cross

This 4 punch combo will form the basis of many effective drills moving forward in the White Level boxing program and its many variations allow you to learn and master advanced defense techniques within the drill. The Straight-line Drills also form the framework for your future partner-work and boxing equipment mastery.

Watch the video below and practice until perfection, the Straight-line Slipping drill