The Way of the Martial Art Experience

The Way of The Martial Art Experience

“The true value in studying the Martial Arts lies not necessarily in the learning of the technique or style, or system itself, but in the cultivation of particular internal qualities that are developed through the learning process. The physical exercises and techniques, when coupled with philosophical principles, teach the student about the qualities of energy, ebb and flow, and both creative and counteractive potential.

The Martial Arts remains one of the oldest and most universally effective systems for teaching internal ideas which awaken human potential in all aspects and dimensions of life.”


  • Martial Arts for health promotion
  • Martial Arts for the cultivation of the body (understanding body motion)
  • Martial Arts for social growth and understanding
  • Martial Arts for mental growth and transference of learning to other subjects
  • Emotional growth (Emotional stability developed by patience, hard work and the ability to accept success and failure in life)

Our Most Popular Courses



Tao Mae Qigong – Level 1

Breath work and mindful movement allows for us to directly influence our state of mind into one of health and harmony.


Tao Mae Boxing – White Level

The First level in the Tao Mae Boxing Syllabus covers all the basics you will need to build a solid foundation for boxing mastery.


Tao Mae Double Stick – Level 1

Learning complex stick patterns and movements retrains the brain, and heightens our nervous system, muscles and our co-ordination.

Tao Mae Staff – Level 1 ….coming soon!

Tao Mae Boxing – Yellow Level …..coming soon!

Tao Mae Qigong – Level 2 …coming soon!

Cultivate the Inner Warrior with Our Professional Training

Not just the skills of a competent Martial Artist but personal development skills as you learn about your own neuro-biology, physiology and health.

From White level all the way up to Black, from student to Instructor – we have ongoing learning options and multiple different pathways for you to choose from.

Our Instructors have dedicated their lives to learning and the path of Martial Arts recognising the benefits that can be obtained by everyone who chooses to use the Way of Martial Arts as a vehicle for self-discovery and self-development.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the courses are designed so that you can practice in your own home, or outside with minimal need for equipment. You may wish to train with a friend or training partner as you work through the more advanced training drills, or even join a Tao Mae Training group in your local area.

No, You can cancel your Membership subscription at any time simply by cancelling your Paypal recurring payments from within your Paypal account.

Yes we have a certification program for those people who have passed the required level of training courses and would like to teach other the Way of the Martial Art experience. Please contact us for more information.

Yes, we have an Affiliate program that you can join in order to share the benefits of Tao Mae with friends and relatives helping to support others in their personal development, whilst being rewarded for sharing the growth of the community.