Tao Mae Double stick – Angles 1 & 2 Advanced

Synchronization of Body Movement

Synchronization of body movement is developed by training the nervous system and the adaptation of the nervous system results in an improvement of our co-ordination.

Muscles individually have no way to guide themselves into skillful, or coordinated movement without the nervous system regulating the collective actions of all muscles so that they work in a harmonious way to produce the desired movement. And so the effectiveness of our movement is determined by how well the nervous system is able to guide our muscular activity. A poorly executed movement is the result of nerve impulses sent to the wrong muscles, or sent to the right muscles but too early, or too late in the sequence of coordinated muscular action.

Well executed movement means that the nervous system has been trained to correctly stimulate the right muscles needed for action in a timely manner, while at the same time relaxing those muscles that would impede or create the opposite movement than the desired action. In this way we have muscular contraction and relaxation, occurring simultaneously to create balance and harmony in our movement.

Training a new skill requires that we form proper connections in the nervous system through a calm, mindful approach to our practice so that we can maintain balance in the nervous system for its optimal functioning.

Continue to practice the first two angles of Tao mae stickwork with a harmonious integration of the Tao mae triangular footwork.