Tao Mae Double stick – Angles 1 & 2 with Taomae Triangular Footwork

Dual awareness is the ability to maintain awareness of two or more aspects of experience simultaneously. One example of dual awareness is paying attention to both internal and external senses at the same time, or engaging in activities involving balancing and moving through space use dual awareness.

As we introduce more complexity to our footwork while maintaining the consistent delivery of our upper body movements with the angles 1 and 2 stickwork, we are conditioning the brain to achieve a dual awareness.

The complete Taomae triangular footwork combines the the forward stepping ( also known as the Female triangle as the feet step forward and diagonally outward) with the backward stepping (also referred to as the Male triangle when the feet step back in a diagonal direction) so that the footwork moves in four directions.

By learning our stick angles in an accumulating progressive manner we are training ourselves to remain calm and mentally clear while increasing our physical actions in a dynamic way. This is the ‘Way of the Warrior’, to remain calm amidst the chaos or under mounting pressure. As you continue to perfect your stick techniques while increasing your footwork skills, remember that we are also training our mind and our resilience.